03 april 2010

Marché Dauphine

Idag var det lördag vilket innebär marknad här i Paris. Jag har aldrig tidigare varit på Marché Dauphine så vi begav oss dit. Den är gömd vid marknaderna i Porte Clignancourt vilket jag varit på innan. Men första biten är främst nya prylar. I Dauphine är det second hand som gäller, och det vet ju alla vid det här laget att jag är lite svag för. För att ta sig hit får man alltså åka till Porte Clignancourt och gå västerut förbi alla stånd med nya prylar och sedan höger för att komma in i en inomhusmarknad. Här är himmelriket. Bilderna får tala för sig själva. Förresten, om ni ser en liten försynt kvinna i slöja springa runt med termos, se till att haffa henne. Hon säljer en kopp söt myntate till marknadsförsäljarna för en euro. Så vanligtvis inte till kunder men om man ber snällt så...

English: Today was Saturday which means market here in Paris. I have earlier not been to Marché Dauphine so today was the day. It hidden amongst the markets in Porte Clignancourt which I have been to earlier though. But the first part of this market consists mainly of new objects. Marché Dauphine on the other hand is all about second hand, which you all by now know that I am very much in addicted to. To get here you take the metro to Porte Clignancourt as usual and then after passing under the bridge you go left left and then after a while to the right and there you meet the vintage heaven. It is all inside this green building with a glass ceiling. I let the pictures speak for themselves. By the way if you spot a small shy woman in a head scarf running around with a thermos, be sure to stop her for a sweet mint tea. She only sells this to the salesmen at the market but if you ask nicely you can have a cup for 1€.


Colourful beads.

Feathers, ribbons and buttons.

Buttons and other small things.

Vintage glasses in all different kinds of colour and shape.

Fashion drawings.


Max stopped to watch the old Rolex watches.

Wall paintings everywhere.

The silent and peaceful passages. From each booth there was this calm soft piano music or something from the twenties. A harmonic stroll compared to other market places.

Wall paintings.

Old fashion drawings.

Big old posters.

Vintage clothing.

Army clothes for the ones who wants to follow the latest fashion.

The only thing I bought vintage was this skull ring.

I also bought these shoes which I so much long to wear when it is warmer.

Both me and Max bought silver bracelets, don't we look great together now?

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